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I have been remiss in keeping you, loyal readers, up on what is going on in the Elf 4 Health Challenge. We are in week 5 and I am on my third elf. I have loved all the challenges so far and both my elves. The holidays have kept me from getting  much writing done but here is today’s challenge as I think we should all take it.

Look in the mirror! Yes, you! Okay, if you insist you cannot get up from the computer, turn your web cam on and see a photo of yourself that way. I promise! You will wish you walked to a mirror.

me122612I admit. I did not go to a full length mirror. I did not look at myself in less than the bulky turtleneck and jeans I currently have on. It’s cold here in upstate NY and I do not want to get chilled before I finish this post.

Now, name three things you like about yourself from that look into the mirror.

One – I have always loved my blue eyes. Granted, the contact phase made them appear even bluer than they are but I love the color of my eyes. They even, on occasion, have been known to look slightly greyish. But blue they are and blue they will always be. I love them!

Two – I love my smile! Could it be sparklier? Yes, but do I really have time for whitening? I just like to smile. I like that it means I am happy. I like that it makes my face look pretty – at least in my mind. I love smiling. Did you know that smiling through something that is hard to do makes you think it is easier than it really is? Well, not really, but I think it does.

Three – I love my hair. Long or short. Auburn, chestnut, black or gray. I love my hair. You’ll notice I didn’t mention that time I sort of went blonde. Not a good look on me, even with the blue eyes. My skin is dark enough that my blonde hair was too striking a difference. My hair has natural wave to it – even though I curse about that when I want my hair to look straight. My hair is really thick. My mother keeps telling me this is good at my age (not quite sure what that means but ok). I love my hair.

So what about you? What do you love about yourself? Only in loving ourselves can we love others.


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