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Women’s Distance Festival 5K Recap

So Wednesday night was the night. I ran my first race since running two marathons in the month of May. No, this is not the way I planned my race schedule. This is the way it worked out as I ended up injured after Buffalo.

The run was not pretty. I realized I had really lost a lot of shape and tone when I saw photos of myself. I also realized that I probably speed walked a good portion of the race. I had broken myself of the heel strike but saw it sneaking back in photos.

I have rearranged my expectations and am starting to plan for half marathon distances in the fall. I am certain I cannot do a full fall marathon unless it were on the west coast and was actually winter. I am aiming for the Blue Ridge Marathon in April of 2013 in Roanoke, Virginia. This is an area I love and want to visit again.

Right now, I have the possibility of a 5K this weekend and a half marathon the following Sunday. Then, I have a busy week of meetings and my mom getting into town ahead of my son’s wedding on August 31. I will look forward and hope to get in a couple races, fairly local, in September. There is the Ithaca 5 & 10 and a 5K that I know of at the end of September. I will run some local races in October and November and probably not run many races, just maintenance miles, in December. January will bring the start of training for BRM.

Have you ever had to re-evaluate your plans? I really hate when I have taken to the time to make out a plan, a training schedule and event schedule and then have to stop and start over. I guess, despite how flexible I say I am, I am really a huge control freak. I want my original plans to work the way I originally draw them up.

Now, my mind is going forward to my secondary goal for the year. My primary goal was those two May marathons. My secondary goal is to run 1500 miles this year. In the past my mileage hovered around 1000 miles but never surpassed it until last year when I was closer to 1500 than 1000 so I thought 1500 was a good goal to strive for in 2012. I am now pretty sure I will not be hitting that goal in just running.

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