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FourSquare Anyone?

Do you belong to FourSquare? Do you even know what FourSquare is?

FourSquare is a location check-in app. I had a FourSquare account before I had a smartphone. I would check in via text message.

I have to admit I forget to check in some places. Also, I cannot check in at some locations as I do not get service in some locations here locally. I have been mayor twice – once at my credit union and once at the high school.

Did you read about what I did this past weekend? I went back to school shopping for my niece. I decided that I would try to check in at all the stores. I forgot and we were almost done at Old Navy when I checked in. Actually, we were in line to check out. I actually managed to check in and open a coupon. My sister and I checked out our items together and got $10 off our $50 purchase.

Then, after going to lunch and checking in at the Mall, I opened an Amex special also. We didn’t use the Amex special but I was amazed. Twice in one day, I had opened coupons or specials on FourSquare.

Have you ever opened a special on FourSquare? You can bet I will try to be better about checking in now.

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