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Weekend Recap

What a weekend! I truly believe my sister is trying to keep me busy, afraid I am going to be all weepy and depressed with my youngest having flown the coop last Monday. The truth is far from that as I am happy he is settling into college life – at least I think he is as he is not communicating much with me. I am trying hard to get the house cleaned and his room really cleaned out.

I live in an old farmhouse. My guess is when the house was originally built, plumbing was outside. The pantry – that no window room in the middle of the house right off the kitchen – was turned into a bathroom at some point in time. The house has also had two concrete slab additions put on – one is the laundry room and one is my bedroom – plus a garage attached to the laundry room slab addition.

My kids grew up with the oldest having the one single room other than mine and the rest of the kids living “dormitory/hostel” style in the upstairs which is one big room. When the oldest left for college, number two quickly moved into said room. There was no big clean out and the room contained items from both boys. When number two left for college, number six – yes, the baby – managed to snag the room before anyone else got to it. Now, that number six has left for college, I have put a moratorium on the room until I get it cleaned out. I am finding items from both older boys and junk from the youngest. The closet is still in need but so far I have cleaned off the desk, stripped the bed and washed all bedding, put clean bedding on, gone through all drawers and gotten rid of clothing that is too small or not worn. While it may appear I have accomplished a lot in this area, there is still work to be done. My guess is I should move the bed but I am afraid of the junk I may find under it.

So, I was determined to not clean over the weekend at all. Saturday, I went off with my sister and our niece, my 25 year old daughter and my niece’s friend. We were going back to school clothing shopping. Now mind you, I had been off to college shopping with the youngest three times over the last three weeks – and one time with a list of “stuff” he needed but he was done with shopping. I am not a big shopper. I much prefer to just have a list and go, as opposed to go and see what we find. We had a blast in the six hours that included the mall and two other stores and lunch.

Sunday was the Kelly LaBare 5K. I am still injured so decided not to run. I had volunteered to work and was assigned to do a tick sheet at the finish line with another person. A tick sheet is a fall back in case the electronic timing system fails. The race was delayed approximately 30 minutes due to weather. Approximately 700 runners took part. Imagine the small trail in the park that is approximately 6 feet wide and all these runners coming through the finish line chute. This was really hard and I am sure that we missed a couple of people. We did the best we could. Thankfully, I do not believe that our sheets were needed.

What did you do this past weekend? Do you have plans for this coming weekend?

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