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Accomplished August

I am participating in Tara’s accomplished August challenge. Unlike many challenges, this one leaves what is to be accomplished in this summer month to the individual. I have so many goals that I do not know where to start.

My biggest area of concern is fitness. I am suffering from a rather painful case of plantar fasciitis. I truly wish it would go away. I have had two consecutive months of horrible mileage – 31 in June which is the lowest I have ever had since starting to run and 65 in July. These are both my lowest months ever. I do not like not running. I am missing my friends from my summer running group and missing all the great summer races – though I am volunteering at a lot of them.

I need to start doing other workouts that are both aerobic and strength building – cross training, basically. I am going to concentrate on getting these things done in August.

My next biggest area of concern is family. My youngest left for college on Monday. Number five goes back to college soon. Number four just got engaged. Number three is starting a year long sub position and starting grad school at the end of the month and her twin, number two, is getting married. The month is going to culminate in a huge party for Lydia and Andy’s wedding. I need to be prepared for such a wonderful event.

So I am going to work out and work and get myself in a great mood for August.

2 thoughts on “Accomplished August

  1. golly Nikki, sorry about the injury, sheesh! Hope it improves! My big goal for August was car inspection etc. Accomplished on day one so I can coast, eh wot? 😉

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