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2012 Olympics

I love athletic competitions. I have been to the Winter Olympics – 1980 in Lake Placid. I think that amateur athletics – although the Olympics are not totally amateur – are the best as money is not THE thing.

All that under consideration, do you think I watched the London games opening ceremony? If you say yes, you would be wrong. You are wondering why. I am sure.

First, no cable at my house. Via antenna, we get CBS, FOX, and two other channels that our local CBS and FOX affiliates own. Consequently, I could not watch the Olympics on my television. I do have some other options but I was not willing to use them for the opening ceremony.

Second, I am a bit annoyed at the IOC. I get annoyed at bureaucracy frequently. You may wonder why I am annoyed at the IOC. I was alive in 1972. I was 11, almost 12, in September of 1972. The IOC is refusing to have a moment of silence during the opening ceremony for the Israeli athletes who were killed in Germany. 40 years ago this Olympics.

Am I not going to watch any Olympic coverage? No. I am going to watch some. I am just not going to watch the opening ceremony.

Are you looking forward to the Summer Games? Do you remember 1972?

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