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Psychological Effects of Injury

Yeah, I know. Fancy title. Well, truth is I have been injured most of this summer. Summer is my favorite time to run. First, let me be clear that the injury was minor but painful. I have birthed six children so have a fairly good pain threshold. Also, the injury was totally preventable. I needed… Continue reading Psychological Effects of Injury

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Cheesy Quinoa Bites

Back in February, my 25 year old daughter – who is a teacher and currently looking for a job – asked me if I would go meatless with her for Lent. She was more concerned about the fact that she would not make it 7 weeks if she didn’t have some help with preparing meals.… Continue reading Cheesy Quinoa Bites

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Come Visit ViewSPORT with Me

I’ve spent my summer outside where using a laptop is not always convenient. I have also spent it with my kids, though they are all adults now. We may not have headed off on a big vacation but we have had a good time. Consequently, despite my best attempts – even downloading a WordPress app… Continue reading Come Visit ViewSPORT with Me

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Women’s Distance Festival 5K Recap

So Wednesday night was the night. I ran my first race since running two marathons in the month of May. No, this is not the way I planned my race schedule. This is the way it worked out as I ended up injured after Buffalo. The run was not pretty. I realized I had really… Continue reading Women’s Distance Festival 5K Recap

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Accomplished August

I am participating in Tara’s accomplished August challenge. Unlike many challenges, this one leaves what is to be accomplished in this summer month to the individual. I have so many goals that I do not know where to start. My biggest area of concern is fitness. I am suffering from a rather painful case of… Continue reading Accomplished August