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What Does It Cost to Run?

I love to run but the cost of running races, even smaller ones, is expensive. I want to be able to space out my registrations over time. Unfortunately, I discovered today that I have missed out on the February half marathon I wanted to run as I didn’t have the money in time and it has closed.

That being said, I was just looking at the registration for a local 4 miler that is in March. There will be no day of race registration. I registered the day of the race last year as it was my first race post-marathon. I was unsure how I would feel so didn’t want to register and then not show up for the race.

I have mapped out several races for the year, many of which I have run previously. I have a check coming from a client and am going to register for all the races I want to run in March, April and May. This means I am going to lay out $274 in race fees for the next three months. I am also going to spend $20 to become a member of the local running club. I have never done this before but it is a good investment.

Now, I still won’t have registered for the Boilermaker 15K in July yet but I don’t have the additional cash yet. Last year, this race closed registration at 13,000 runners on May 15th. I may not get to run this race as I am not sure when I can manage to pay that registration fee.

Please consider that these are just registration fees. This does not include new shoes – which are needed on occasion, gas to get to races as even the local races have a start point that is not outside my door, a hotel room if these races are not local. So that almost $300 dollars does not include these “extras.” It also doesn’t include planning for all of these races, training and fueling my body properly for all of this exertion.

I like that running is increasing in popularity. I love that I can share something I enjoy with so many other people. I dislike that races close out so early and that many are expensive.

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