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A Year Ago

One year! Just last year at this exact time, I spent the day trying to fit all the “stuff” into the car. My two youngest sons – then 16 and 20 – were heading with me for my initial marathon. Part of the attraction to come with mom lay in the location of that first marathon. I ran the Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon last year in February. My then 16 year old rode a 100K bike ride the day after the marathon.

Into the car went his bike. This item had to be in the car as the weather was questionable up north here. Consequently, to keep the bike in good shape, we took the wheels off and put them in the trunk. The bike frame itself rode in the back seat with my son.










To make things just a bit more interesting – as we all know what happens when we make plans, my youngest is in a vocational education program for culinary arts. He, just as he is today, had a skill competition that would see him arriving back at BOCES approximately 7 pm. We could not leave for South Carolina until he returned. I did consider leaving from the competition site but that would have been a longer drive.

So, at 7 pm two days before my first marathon, my sons and I set off for the drive to Myrtle Beach. Thankfully, the 20 year old could split the driving with me. We literally drove through the night, taking turns with driving duties and sleeping in the car – probably not the best idea for the night before the night before the marathon. Oh well!

I am missing the thought of heading south right now. Good luck to all of you running in Myrtle Beach on Saturday!

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