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A Love List to My Life

Between Kelly Diels‘s Operation Secret Valentine, Momalom‘s Love It Up Challenge, a post on How to Write a Love List at Em and Lo‘s and Big Little Wolf‘s suggestions for celebrating V Day on a budget, I am again thinking about love and today about my life.  So, here is my love list to my life.

  • I love the mounds of laundry – both dirty and clean – as they mean we have clothing to wear.
  • I love my kitchen sink full of dishes I should wash as it means we have had food to eat.
  • I love the snow outside as it makes the sunlight look twice as bright.
  • I love running in the cold as it makes me feel alive – actually, any running makes me feel alive.
  • I love that #5 took classwork with him to the conference championships.  He is finally becoming a student.
  • I love that #6 is taking the reigns in what he thinks he wants to do later in life.
  • I love a particular good friend as I know life is not easy but this friend is making the best of it.
  • I love that #3 has a great feeling about her Teach for America interview that was on Monday.
  • I love that #1’s car only needs a new water pump as it could be much worse.
  • I love that I got to see #2 yesterday, even if just briefly.
  • I love that #4 is all set to move after she graduates this spring and is continuing her education.
  • I love my family – regardless of how much I complain about them.
  • I love God – as He has made this life so possible.
  • I love my life.  The ups and downs are annoying but without the valleys, the heights would not seem high.

26 thoughts on “A Love List to My Life

  1. I love your attitude Nicki – I can tell you’re a glass is full kind of gal, and it makes me smile. I’m hoping some of your attitude is contagious…

    1. I will send you some brownies made with glass full stuff, Corinne. Except, the only brownies around here lately have been made by #6.

  2. What a wonderful list! And, as Corinne says, a positive attitude! I think sitting down and reflecting on the things we love in our lives, little and big, is a really productive exercise.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

    1. LOL, TKW! Not sure I love laundry that much – as evidenced by the last load I did still being in the dryer and that wasn’t yesterday…

    1. Believe it or not, I have a gratitude journal, Charlotte. It came from reading – several times – a book with daily entries call “Simple Abundance.” I write down five things at the end of each day that I am grateful for.

  3. Nicki, awesome and also reads as a gratitude list, something I have some experience with. When we look for trouble we find trouble, when we look for blessings, we find blessings.

  4. This is an awesome list! Counting those blessings helps us see all the love that is around us every day, not just on Valentine’s!


    1. Thanks so much for coming by and reading. I worry that culture makes so much out of love – the ideally romantic type that Valentine’s Day is “suppose” to be about – that we forget the simple things that we should love.

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