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A Love Letter

The letter below is inspired by the women at  They come up with some of the best ideas for blog posts.  This blog challenge is to write a love letter to a person, to a thing, to the world and share it on your own blog or on their blog if you need to.  You can read the details of the challenge by clicking the graphic to the left.

Dear Friend,

You should know that I am so happy you are in my life.  You are a steadying influence on me.  When I think I am going to attack a problem, you calm me down, make me see sense, make me think through what I am going to do.

You need to realize I am not as strong as you think.  I have learned how to make the world think I am strong.  As a single mom, there is no choice.  I needed that armor for everyone else to see to get through the life I have lived these last 13 years.

You need to know I love you.  I love you because of who you are, because of what you have been through, because of what you have made of yourself, because of what you have inspired me to become.

You need to know that you are a stronger person than you think you are.  I see the strength in you.  I see the intelligence behind your eyes.  I see the creativity in your soul.  I see the you you want others to see.

You must know you are a good, decent person with a creative, giving soul.

You must know I love you!



23 thoughts on “A Love Letter

  1. Such a nice love letter to a friend, Nicki.

    And thank you for pointing out that there’s a difference between being strong and having the world think we’re strong.

  2. Something about this letter (well, the single mom part) reminded me of BLW’s recent post.

    This is a letter that not only shares love, but reveals a piece of yourself that must be hard to show. No one is as strong as people make them. We just put on our daily masks and try to make it through the night.

    1. Oh the post that would come if I did one like BLW’s.

      And, you are right, Amber. We show the world what we think it wants to see.

  3. Nicki, I “love” both the universality and the specificity of the sentiments you express in your letter. I read your letter recognizing myself in both you as the author and your friend as the recipient. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts with us.

  4. Beautiful letter Nicki! i also hope you send it to your friend… I’m sure they’d be touched to receive it. And I truly admire your strength… as much of it is real or for show!

    1. As I wrote this out longhand first, I may just slip it in an envelope for my friend. I have another note that I also wrote for the same person and can send them together.

  5. Thank you, Nicki, for writing this. I adore the uncovered reality of life as a single mom. I have no doubt you are impeccable when it comes to making others believe you have it pulled together. And yet, there is a soft underbelly. And this friend can turn you over and take a peek from time to time and you’ll allow it, because that’s how deep your love is.

    At least, this is what I saw. Right or wrong it doesn’t matter. What matters is your wonderfully candid expression. Bravo! And thank you thank you thank you!!!

  6. There is much I could praise about your letter, Nikki. But this is what hits me at the core: We should all write (and GIVE) a letter to a good friend. I have a few brewing. And your post here has me upping the priority a bit. Good friends deserve great praise.

    1. Glad I can give you a little shove, Jen. I am not totally sure about giving this to the friend but it is possible it has been read.

    1. Ginny – Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting. Only one person knows the answer to that question.

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