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Super Bowl Sunday

Today is similar to a national holiday to all those who are fanatical about the National Football League.  It is Super Bowl Sunday and there will be parties galore, even around my little neighborhood.  The question is what are you doing to celebrate the Super Bowl?

Sushi Pickles

I am running a 5K race.  Before leaving for the race, I will make sushi pickles – thanks for that recipe, Steve – and white bean tapenade.  Chances are I will also make some buffalo chicken dip before the day is over.  When I get home, I will shower and head to a party with the tapenade.  My kids are going to various parties – one with the father at his girlfriend’s, one with a friend.

Do you celebrate the Super Bowl?  If asked, do you know who is performing at half time? What is your favorite football or tailgating food?  Do you watch the football or the commercials?

12 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. My buffalo chicken dip is in the fridge, just waiting to be called into the oven to get all warm and gooey 🙂 Yum!

    Hubby is a huge football fan, so we do celebrate, even though the Pats aren’t in it this year… though it makes it a lot less stressful when your team isn’t involved.

    Good luck at the 5k!

  2. Since my husband is a diehard rock n roller, I knew that the Who was playing well before the Super Bowl! And it’s only us four watching over here, no party, and I could not be cajoled into a Super Bowl binge if my life depended on it, so, no snacks for us!

    1. I tried to be careful last night. I had two beers and tried to not eat too much but I did not do a good job as I woke up feeling crappy this morning.

    1. The run was not good. I did not have the issues another friend had as I was only out in the cold for 3.1 miles. The race was an hour and a half from home and I was still not warmed up when I got home and then showered. I had some trouble breathing it was so cold so walked a portion of such a small distance. Might have actually been able to knock some considerable time off my 5K time if I had run the whole distance.

  3. I didn’t even know who was playing before and after half time before this weekend. My husband was invited to a party and took the older half of the kids while I stayed home and relaxed with the younger half. When he watches at home I usually sit next to him and read and we talk during commercials.

    1. I normally stay home and watch with a notepad in my hands. I take commercial notes. This year I went to a party and had a horrible time staying awake.

  4. I told my husband no Superbowl. I only get to see him one day during the week and I didn’t want football to interrupt it. Besides, he never liked pro football until a former player for our college team signed on with the Colts. To that I say “boo!” There has to be a limit somewhere.

    (I did let him check the score.)

    1. I watched more football this year than in previous years, Amber, because I have always been a Vikings fan. This year they were the televised game more frequently. Unfortunately, they didn’t play in the Super Bowl.

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