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Your Senses – Sight

The senses!  We have five and, generally, it is not until something jars one of them that we give them a second thought.  Yes, I run for the camera when I see something that I like the way it looks – people, storefronts, sunrises and sunsets.  Not everyone does, though.

Sight also draws up memories for me.  A few weeks ago I was driving down a street in a nearby city where I frequently go for work.  This city is close but still approximately 40 miles away so I generally get there once a week, occasionally more frequently.  Last week, for example, I will be there three days as I am going to hear a group play on Sunday evening and then two days for work.  This week I will be there for a class I am taking but not for work at all.  Next week, I am going to a TweetUp there.

Back to the sighting – pun intended.  I was driving down this street.  First I drove by a bar.  At one point in time, my guess would be it had been a hotel but now it seems to be just a bar and nothing spectacular.  The beer is good that they have on tap, always a plus in my book, and they have a pool table.  My memory flashed to a night at the end of September when I was there with a friend.  Just driving past made that night of pool come back to me.

We had spent a bit of time at a Mexican restaurant a couple of blocks away, having margaritas and nachos.  A torrential rain storm had caused me to get drenched out on the patio so we had gone into the bar.  Once the rain stopped, we had gone walking through a shopping area, long closed for the night but still with a few people walking through as we were.  We came to this other bar and went in to play pool.  Beware of playing pool with mobile phones in your pocket – not me, him.  He accidentally dialed someone and left a lengthy voicemail of us discussing geometry because, after all, what are bank shots but geometry proofs in real life?  Got that kids?  You will use geometry again some day.

As I continued on my way heading out of the city as I needed to get home for an activity, I hit the light red at the corner where I needed to turn.  Another memory came rushing back to me.  We had had margaritas and nachos another evening, right after he finished work and I did also.  He needed to catch the bus home so we were waiting where the bus would be stopping except we were a block or so from the actual stop.  We had stood there with some college kids.  They had asked us questions about the bus system which he could answer easily.  Then, his bus had come buzzing by.  He had to run to catch it up the block.  Just thinking about it now is making me smile.  The sight of him running after the bus in dress clothes from work with his brief case/bag is a memory I will always have.

I could go on and on as I have many memories that are triggered by seeing different things.  I still have memories of my son’s football team winning the state championship every time I drive past the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.  Most make me smile as I remember the sights I have seen in my life.  I saw a friend’s photos of some time in the Adirondacks which took me back to the years I lived there.

What memories do sights trigger for you?  Is it a place or a souvenir?  What about photographs?  Do they trigger memories for you?

16 thoughts on “Your Senses – Sight

  1. sorry you didn’t have the greatest run yesterday, but the conditions weren’t ideal for it!

    Whenever I see photos of NYC I automatically think of the years I lived there, so many memories!!

    1. Other than the very cold weather and my breathing inability, the day wasn’t bad yesterday. I have never had breathing problems in cold before.

      I am sure there are lots of memories in pictures of NYC for you! I get that way about Lake Placid every time the Winter Olympics roll around.

  2. In general, smell is the sense I associate most closely with memory, but, for me, New England landscapes conjure powerful memories of childhood, home, and belonging. I instantly feel more comfortable when I see a place anywhere in the world that reminds me of the old New England town where I grew up.

    1. I have done trips to New England and would love to do more. I love those towns. I am actually thinking of a photo essay on my home town – going as if a tourist.

    1. TKW – I never realized how much of a smeller I was until my earlier post. Photos, though, always have something in them. Perhaps why I take so many and why I love learning more about the art of photography. I also couldn’t believe these memories that came to me in the car.

  3. Music and smells transport me to a cherished memory quicker than an image. But thanks for letting us take a peek into your memory trove!

  4. I started dating my (now) husband in Alaska. Whenever I see pictures of the beautiful snow covered mountains near Anchorage, I think about the lovely times we had traversing their backs during the warmer months.

    I am attempting to take more pictures mainly because I want to remember, and want my children to remember, the different periods in our life. I want them to hear and see the stories of our poor college student existence. I also want them to notice how happy we were (are).

    1. Amber – I cannot imagine dating someone while in Alaska. The scenery would be forever in my memories also. Those mountains are beautiful!

  5. The hippie child and I play a game called “Once when I was little” where she says a word and I have to tell her the first story it reminds me of.

    Eggs: once, your great-grandpa made me a plate of eggs, but I didn’t eat them so he dumped them on my head. Grandma came home from a twelve hour shift to take us to school and was so mad at him.

    Oatmeal: once, your great-granpa made aunt megan a bowl of oatmeal, but she wouldn’t eat it so he dumped it on her head…

  6. I love looking at old pictures that always conjures up the memories related. In a couple months I will happen to be near the neighborhood where I went to high school. I plan to walk over and see it. I wonder what memories and emotions it will invoke, as it wasn’t a happy place for my family.

    We have had the fortune of leasing a house right on the ocean and it is amazing how the site never grows old. Several times a day I just stop what I’m doing and look at the ocean (sometimes grey, sometimes calm, always beautiful). It will be difficult to move away and lose the bits of calm that site gives me.

    1. I have been to my old high school many times. I have a friend who does a run that starts there and circles the neighborhood he grew up in. It is an emotional run, I am sure.

      The ocean amazes me. I love it yet it scares me.

  7. Photographs are certainly powerful, and bring me straight back to certain times in life. They are often bittersweet.

    Other than that, colors affect me enormously. And certain works of art are able to change my mood – for the better (or worse), and spark memories as well.

    1. You are so right, BLW. They are often bittersweet. I, too, love colors but lately it has been places that have thrown memories in front of my eyes.

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