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Fitness for the Future

I try to measure most of my goals.  I have, for the last two years, wanted to run 1000 miles over the course of the year.  This year I came as close as I have ever come.  I ran 800.13 miles over the course of this year.

As I look at my running, I see where life events effected my running.  My father died in March.  That was a month where I did not get a lot of miles in.  My son graduated in June.  Again, the two weeks around graduation and the party were low mileage times.  I got a new gig at the end of August, beginning of September.  Until I manage to figure it out better than the first three or four weeks, low mileage times were there.

I am again going to strive for 1000 miles over the course of the year.  To make it better, I want to add some races into the mileage since I ran my first one this year.  I have several lists down for different races and will try to put them into my schedule.

Unfortunately, life will always get in the way but if I plan, I will hit 1000 miles this year.

6 thoughts on “Fitness for the Future

  1. I used to be a runner. For a short time. And I love this goal. I love the scope of it. And the measurable aspect of it. It’s a real goal. And I hope you achieve it!

    1. Jen – I have trouble with resolutions because you can’t measure them easily. Most are extremely long-term goals and the short-term gets lost. I think that is part of the reason that I have never hit 1000 miles but there is this year.

    1. Thanks, BLW. I am proud of the mileage I have run. I just realize that there were times I totally ignored my fitness also. Not a good practice.

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