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Your Contributions

The original thought for this post was going to be to discuss what contributions you can make.  Unfortunately, with the end of the year upon us, I am afraid that everyone is going to be thinking the contributions that help with your taxes – those things that have to be done in the new year.

No, I am talking more about the contributions you make to others.  I am talking about the contributions you make to society, to your family, to your friends.  I am talking about how will people look at you when you are gone.

With the end of the year upon us and the end of the decade also upon us, we should all be thinking about what we have accomplished and how is that measured.  Do we measure how accomplished we are by how much we make?  I hope not as that puts me at the bottom of the barrel in most cases.  If you have status or fame, is that how you measure accomplishment?  Again, let’s hope not.

Maybe, as an email I received discussed, we should measure success by the number of lives we have touched.  For some, this is easy.  Parents who are doing their jobs touch their children’s lives.  If they have taught their children the values and morals that I grew up on and have hopefully passed on to my children, they will touch lives they do not even know about as their children touch lives.

Teachers touch lives and help mold and shape these lives.  Many a teacher will tell you that they have not only touched the lives of their students but the lives those students have touched as well.

So what are you contributions?  How do you measure accomplishment and success?  Do you touch, mold, shape lives?

2 thoughts on “Your Contributions

  1. My contributions? Wow, that’s a jiffy. Um, I have made dinners for many families this year, watched children for overwhelmed mothers, and helped my husband survive a difficult academic year. Each of these things required small sacrifices on my part, but brought in huge rewards in the end.

    Thanks for this post!

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