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Hitting the Road

Normally, when I post about hitting the road this time of year, it involves road trips for spring honor society inductions for my daughter or spring sports trips for one of my kids.  Today – or yesterday, rather, it meant getting outside and running on new tracks.


My youngest is still preparing for NYS Science Olympiad state competition which is in April.  I took him out to the elementary school to practice and event that requires gym space.  Gym space in late winter and early spring in NY is at a premium due to sports wanting the gyms because outside may not be conducive to practicing.  Not this year!  The gym was empty and the sun was out.


I headed up the road.  It was wonderful running on a new path.  I actually ran north on NY-26 from Maine Memorial Elementary School.  When I hit Ames Road, I crossed to Nanticoke Road.  Then, back down Nanticoke to 26 and the school.  It is not a long run – 3 miles approximately – but it felt absolutely wonderful to be out and in sun.  It was also extremely different from my normal, near to my house runs as it was flatter than I am use to.  It was a quick 3.18 miles in wonderful weather which I overdressed for.  


Looking forward to more running outside and more sunshine!

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