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Dating with Brains

Please bare with me as I get to the end of this entry.  I always knew there was a reason I had difficulty in dating.  I never realized it was because I can put together a coherent sentence.  Okay, the study actually means you are in the top 5% of intelligence in the US which may not be me but the premise that smart people have issues with romance just isn’t true.


Yes, some extraordinarily smart people have a disconnect with fashion – one of the premises of the study where I believe the word “frumpy” was used.  Not all do.  I may not be top 5% but I am close – say 6 or 7% – and evidently, I am not modest.  I don’t feel I have a disconnect with fashion.  I just really could care less what the most fashionable clothing is.  I want what I wear to serve one of two conditions – make me look good or be comfortable.  Each has its own place to wear it but none is frumpy.


I do believe that those with higher than average intelligence probably do tend to overthink romance but, unlike the assumption of the study, I have had my fair share of crushes.  I have even known love in my life.  I don’t get why being smart precludes these simple joys.


I may not have a lot of romantic wisdom but I am just as likeable as the next person.  I think.

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