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Product Review – Betty Crocker Warm Mini Delights

I am usually a bake from scratch person but back in February, I decided to pick up a store-prepared, pop in the microwave dessert for my Valentine’s evening dinner.  Now granted, that dinner was not all that romantic but I had what I liked to eat and this delicious little dessert.

Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis
Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis

To start with, the Betty Crocker Minis come in three flavors.  I have only had the Chocolate Raspberry Decadence.  It was truly decadent but also equally mini.  With a calorie count of only 150 calories, I felt I could include this dessert in my diet.  It also helped with that “monthly” chocolate craving while not taking a lot of prep or baking time.  Just put cake mix in the provided plastic, microwave-safe container, add water put on topping and microwave for 30 – yes, I said just 30 – seconds.

I strongly suggest you try the Betty Crocker Warm Mini Delights in Chocolate Raspberry Decadence.

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Betty Crocker Warm Mini Delights

  1. these taste like nothing .. completely tasteless.
    They smell a lot better then what it tastes like.
    Maybe its because I make things from scratch and natural flavors.

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