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Shoes, of the Running Variety

Yes, I am in the market for new running shoes.  I have recently read all kinds of articles – ones that say medium-priced running shoes are as good as high-priced (good thing with the economy the way it is), ones that rate different shoes.  Now comes the shopping part which is what I hate.

I am huge Avia shoe fan.  I have been since my days of Jazzercise in the early 90’s when my shoes were always ankle high as I have weak ankles.  My most recent runners are Avias but I need to find more.  I also think I need to try on others, just to be sure.

The good thing, other than I just plain like them, about Avias is I can usually find them locally for between $30 and $80 dollars.  JC Penney, Kohl’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods all carry them and usually at least one place has them on sale.  The current pair has lasted me well.  I have put over 500 miles on them since last November and they only recently really started bothering my feet.

Off to find runners…..

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