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What is your recycle to trash ratio?

I know, sounds like a really odd question.  I have been recycling for over 15 years.  I live in a county that has had curbside recycling for ten plus years.  The big question, though, is what is your recylcling to trash ratio?

In my county, each residence is given a yellow recycling bin.  I have four.  Each week the town picks up trash and recycling on Tuesdays for my area.  Each Monday night my son, or since he broke his ankle I, take one trash bin and three to four recycling bins to the curb.

I also have a small fire pit that is fairly new.  Some of what use to go in the recycling is now used as fire starter material.  Sunday’s paper, rather than being recycled, is used to start an evening fire to roast marshmallows over.  Burning trash is, I believe, illegal where I live but I can use some papers to start a small fire, especially now we finally have had some rain.

So, the question is, what is your recycling to trash ratio?  Mine is 3 or 4 to 1 on the average week.

2 thoughts on “What is your recycle to trash ratio?

  1. Funny. I was just thinking that I need to recycle more.

    We’ve had curbside recycling here for years too.

    I am good about recycling newspaper & plastic. I don’t use alot of glass, and I hang onto most of that.

    Larry’s BIL saves cans and sells them, so we save ours and he picks them up once a week or so.

    I take my plastic grocery bags back to the store.

    Ratio? One overflowing recycle bin with a paperbag full of newspapers on the side to 2 42 gallon trash cans. Count the cans for BIL, and our recycle is probably 50% of the amount of trash.

    We could do much better.

  2. We also have curb side recycling. Glass, plastic, metal, aluminium cans one week; mixed paper, newspapers and cardboard the next week.

    Every week I put out two or three large containers of recycling. Twice a month, I put out one twenty gallon bag of trash.

    Our county has specialized recycling collections for household hazardeous wastes, yard wastes, computers and latex paints. I recycle at these also.

    I feel that our family of four can be very proud of our efforts…CT

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