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The Race Question

Yesterday morning, I was having an online chat with my mother.  I was discussing a CNN reporter who was interviewing African-American voters in Harlem, NY as they came out of the polling location.

My mother insisted they would all vote for Hillary Clinton.  She stated Bill Clinton’s office being in Harlem as one factor.  She also stated that, as New Yorkers, they would be familiar with Clinton.

I just now read an article in the Wall Street Journal online.  It stated that six out of ten, approximately, of NY’s African-American voter placed their vote for Obama.  Yet, the campaign is playing down the race card.

My point to the Wall Street Journal, as it was to my mother the morning before, is that there is no reason why NY’s African-American population shouldn ‘t vote for Barack Obama.  They can play the race card and vote for someone of the same race as themselves.  They do not have to feel they have slighted Clinton in the least as they have twice helped elect her to the US Senate. 

 Basically, they can have their cake and eat it to.  They can vote for Obama for the democratic presidential nominee and if he wins, they still have Clinton as their US Senator.

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