Just my Thoughts

Rainy Days and Wednesdays?

When will the rain stop?  Less then five days ago, my driveway and the road in front of my house were covered with ice and snow.  We were in the middle of an ice storm.  The driveway just became more driveway and less ice yesterday after 25 to 35 pounds of salt and two blisters from the chopping.


Today, there are flood warnings.  The driveway and road are soaked.  There has been constant rain since some time in the early morning hours.  Yesterday itself, recorded almost 7/10th’s of an inch of rain.


The noise when I was out on my screened in porch taking this picture was amazing.  There is a runoff “stream” that is flowing with great gusto.  As the water runs down the hill I live at the bottom of, it is making lost of noise.  Then, there is the steady drumming of the rain on the roof.

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