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The Democrats … Again

Just a few more thoughts that seem to keep coming into the forefront in my head about last Thursday night’s democratic debate.

I have often wondered about actual debate etiquette, for lack of a better term.  When the two candidates came out, they both seemed to shake hands with Wolf Blitzer without any hesitation.  When the other two questioners – one from the Los Angeles Times and one from Politico.com, co-sponsors of the debate – came on stage, Clinton immediately went to them and shook their hands.  Obama hesitated but then followed, as if it wasn’t a necessity but he wasn’t to be out done.  Is this proper etiquette debate, to acknowledge with handshakes those running the debate?

Second, and now we will turn catty, has Hillary Clinton ever let anyone give her advise on what to wear, or as the popular TLC show is called “What Not To Wear?”  She needs to hire a stylist.  The cut of her pant suits – seemingly the only thing in her closet – is not the most flattering.  I realize she is an “older” woman so probably should be wearing those jackets that are longer, but ones that stop right at the hip just emphasize the hip.  Of course, this is a mute point if you dress monochromatically.

I am not saying a pant suit should not have trousers and a jacket that match.  They should.  And, if that cut jacket is what you like, by all means wear it.  But for heaven’s sake, put some color in your outfit.  I swear Clinton looked like a tree stump sitting on the debate dias with that all brown get up on.  She should have, with the turquoise colored necklace and jewelry, worn a turquoise colored shirt or a patterned shirt – something other than solid brown.

Now, even cattier, is a debate a social situation?  I don’t believe so.  I believe it is a competition.  While friends that compete against each other will congratulate or speak at the beginning or end of the competition, I have never seen them help each other in their seats.  I found Obama’s chivalrous behaviour condescending.  You do not pull out – even if your opponent is a woman – the chair for your opponent at a debate.  It is each participant for themselves in getting seated and then getting out of their seat.  Strategically, it was a good move on his part in that it puts Clinton, in my mind, in a position of “little woman.”  It definitely brings out her femininity which she seems to think is a detriment to her campaign.

And, one more quick thought on the pant suits.  Clinton and Obama both keep talking about the history that will be made.  The democratic party nominee for the office of president of the United States will be either an African-American or a woman.  Well, if Clinton believe this, maybe she should dress and act more like a woman.  Dresses and skirts do not lower your intelligence quotient (although this blog excerpt might).  She should be more feminine.

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