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Thoughts on a Trip Home

The past ten days I have been back to my hometown more than I had in the past 15 years, since my grandmother’s death.  It has been heartwarming to be somewhere familiar, but not familiar, as all small towns change. Last Thursday night, I went down to go to dinner with friends.  We were scheduled… Continue reading Thoughts on a Trip Home

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The Democrats … Again

Just a few more thoughts that seem to keep coming into the forefront in my head about last Thursday night’s democratic debate. I have often wondered about actual debate etiquette, for lack of a better term.  When the two candidates came out, they both seemed to shake hands with Wolf Blitzer without any hesitation.  When… Continue reading The Democrats … Again

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CNN’s Democratic Debate

First, let me say I am sitting here typing prior to 7am as February is coming in like the lion March is suppose to be. My kids have snow day although there may be little snow happening. I can hear the sleet and freezing rain on the windows now which means I will most likely,… Continue reading CNN’s Democratic Debate