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The Difference Between Day and Night

Or, in this case, the difference between democrat and republican.

Today, I listened to two different candidates for their party’s presidential nominations withdraw from the races. The differences in the speeches these two men gave were vast.

John Edwards spoke of his vision, his life’s purpose, the issues that had been the pinnacle of his campaign. He mentioned, briefly, both his major advisaries but did not endorse either. His speech, much lengthier and from my point of view more heartfelt, was in New Orleans where he had started his campaign. He showed, that true to his word, he was not going to forget the people the US government has forgotten and went to work on housing for those displaced by Katrina after the speech. He was flanked by his wife and three children and volunteers from his campaign who showed emotion freely as he spoke.

Rudy Giuliani spoke of his former adversary, John McCain. Giuliani spoke in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California – significant only because the republican party is always trying to get back to the days of Ronald Reagan. The remarks, and this could just be the way Giuliani delivers words but I don’t think I have seen it prior to last night, sounded rehearsed and well-written but not heartfelt. I do not doubt that Giuliani will now throw all his support to McCain but the withdrawal words did not mention his vision, just how great McCain will be. He did not have his wife on the podium with him, just McCain.

Day and night. Republican and democrat. Is there not a midday or mid-philosophy area that will be best for our country?

One thought on “The Difference Between Day and Night

  1. Nicki, I came to your blog to see your art, but I stayed to read the political analysis. I gather that you are a political writer, you must be because you do it quite well. I couldn’t stop reading. I am not clear about your party affiliation….maybe none, but your views a to the point you say a lot of things that need saying.

    Just wanted to tell you that I live in Iowa and attended my first caucus this year. I spent lots of time going to see the candidates, I live in a very liberal community so only democrats appeared here. Obama and Edwards were here numerous times. Bill Clinton was in town here but I had to drive 40 miles to see Hillary herself. I started out as an Edwards supporter, and stayed with him for a long time, but about a month before the caucus I moved to Obama. I believe he is going to make an amazing
    president. He is worthy of the job. I would love to see a woman in the White House but not another Clinton. Obama will show the world that the US has changed from the last 8 years and we are ready to get along with the rest of the world. Support a woman’s right to choose and tell the government to stay out of people’s bed rooms.

    John McCain is too much of a warmonger for me.

    Please consider supporting Obama.

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