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Just Another Winter Day

Or so I thought when I awoke this morning. Believe it or not, here where the jokes are that we can count the days with sunshine on our fingers and toes the sun is shining brightly. That having been said, weather is a huge part of this wonderful (Does italics donate sarcasm in writing? I hope so!) day.

It was 38F when I woke up. It is now 28F. Still, the sun is shining brightly.

My 21 year old was awakened by the winds today. Granted she is on the eighth floor of her dorm room but the winds were healthy – somewhere between 50 and 80 mph in her part of the state for most of the morning.

Her twin brother has had notices from his university to stay inside unless you have to venture out. Of course, classes weren’t canceled. The irony in college life amazes me. I think I missed it when I was in college.

The worst part of this day was and is soon to be the announcement by John Edwards that he is pulling out of the campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. I realize he has not been pulling in the numbers he has wanted since Iowa where he was second. I realize that he is not pulling in the money that is needed to continue a campaign like his rivals are. I just really had hope with him in the race. His campaign to eleviate poverty in the US is unbelievable. His ability to know the issues from his upbringing makes it easier to somehow believe he will follow through on his promises.

Off to watch the announcement from New Orleans and see if there is someone else out there that I want to vote for next Tuesday.

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