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How do you feel if you are a democrat in Michigan or Florida?

I am not a believer in litagious behaviour. I do think that our country would be in better shape if the answer to every alleged wrong was not a law suit. That having been said, if I were a registered democrat in either Michigan or Florida, I would be clamoring for a lawyer or the ACLU to take up my case.

The DNC has decided that it will punish states that don’t abide by its abitrary rules. This particular election cycle, the rule in question is when you can have a primary. Both Michigan and Florida said too bad, we want to be in front of the conglomerage that is now a mega Tuesday, instead of just a super one. Unfortunately, you had better be a registered republican in either of those states or your voice has been taken away from you in the primary process.

The Democratic National Committee decided that those states, because of not falling in line and following big brother’s rules, would not have any delegates seated at the national convention in late summer in Denver.

The state party in Michigan chose to advise all to vote anyway. Unfortunately, not all the candidates’ names appeared on the ballot. There was confusion as to who people should vote for. Write-ins were not counted. Uncommiteds were. This has to be against the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

While democrats will vote in Florida today, the state has been stripped of almost half of its delegates as a punishment. Any democratic candidate that dared to campaign in Florida would be stripped of the few delegates available. It is a disaster and needs to be corrected.
No committee – national or otherwise – has the right to strip a voter of their right to vote.

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