Just my Thoughts

February Goals

Well, since January was a bust for goals, I am about to post February’s.

  • Walk 20 miles this month.
  • Do Pilates 4 times a week.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Read Simple Abundance daily.
  • Set up menu plans for the month, taking into consideration when the college kids are home, sporting events and practices, Odyssey of the Mind practices.
  • Pay off any small debts (under $50) that are possible.
  • Make final payment on Susan’s European soccer trip.
  • Get Susan to PO to get passport.
  • Work on art for a magazine.
  • Join three swaps for February and make items and mail.
  • Finish taxes for all kids and myself.
  • Do FAFSA for all four college-aged kids.

Seems very similar to January but adding taxes and FAFSA.  Hopefully, it will work.

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