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Plans are just possibilities

Well, some people say what is the sense in having a plan if you don’t use it.  Or there is the age old plan to work and work your plan.  What people don’t know is that plans are just possibilities.

I make plans – meal plans, cleaning plans, weekend plans.  Why do I make them?  So I have an idea of what I would like to do, where I would like to go.  Last week I made a two week meal plan.  Well, my meal plan has been rearranged but it is still there.  And looking at the meal plan, if I failed to get some of the items necessary for a meal, I at least had some ideas as to what else to make.  This way there was a meal at the end of the day.

My grand cleaning plan has gone to hell in a hand basket.  I did no deep cleaning last week.  It was kitchen week.  I should have been out in my kitchen.  There are so many possibilities out there.  I think the table can be made smaller because there are only four of us here on a regular basis.  This would mean a few more chairs in the living room.  The leaf can go back in when the other kids are all home.  This is not a big change but would be a wonderful one in keeping stuff picked up – there wouldn’t be as many chairs for people to set things on or hang things over.

Another area in the kitchen that needs big work is the floor, more so after this weekend as I noticed it was very sticky near the fridge.  I need to get things out of there and do a good stripping of the floor.

Also, the cupboards.  I have wanted to paint the white but I can live with that.  It is the inside that I need to get through.  There are way too many plastic containers and other things that I don’t know why I am keeping them.

Oh well, the best laid plans…..

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