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And the annual “madness” begins…

…. and believe it or not I am not talking NCAA basketball either.  The start of another Region 1 soccer season is about to begin. Let’s recap the madness last year – the team’s one year in the Director’s league.  Granted, it was a prestigious move but it was a costly one on the gas… Continue reading And the annual “madness” begins…

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What does “team” mean?

I know we have all heard it before – there is no “I” in team.  Unfortunately, in this time of teams for everything and the more teams you are on the “cooler” as a teen you seem, there is definitely a “me” in team. Let’s look at two different teen-age girls.  Both are headed to… Continue reading What does “team” mean?

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Technology on the Rise

When you live where the personal computer sort of started (IBM use to employ almost 20,000 people in this area), you would think that purchasing new technology would be easy.  It seems the big chain stores have managed to either take out all the local vendors or have required that the local vendor raise his/her… Continue reading Technology on the Rise

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Immortality and the Always Wrong Parent

I always knew that at least one of my six children would finally hit that stage where  they were immortal and I knew nothing.  Well, it has taken a long time as most of my kids still believe I know everything – a hard job and a well-placed network of “spies” will accomplish that. We… Continue reading Immortality and the Always Wrong Parent