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This Time of Year

Yes, a title like that could get into just about any topic and maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll stick to the topic I was thinking of when I came up with the title.

I’m having trouble staying focused this time of year. Normally, because of a spring marathon on the horizon, it is not a huge problem but I am not doing a spring marathon this year. I have done three road races so far this year and one bike tour. All were great but my next race is in just under a month and the weather is keeping me to inside workouts. Inside workouts are getting harder to do as my house is full of boxes as I pack to move.

Let’s talk about my next couple races.


I am not only moving my home to Asheville but I am racing in Asheville in less than a month. I will be running the half marathon on March 12th and volunteering at the full marathon on March 13th. There are many brave souls who will be doing both. Not my thing but since I will be there, I love giving back to a race and so the volunteering comes into play.

I’m also toying with staying an extra day, on top of Sunday which is already a given, to go to a meeting of trail runners Monday evening. Not 100% on that yet but leaning that way.

Forks XV
Forks XV

A week after Asheville I am planning on toeing the line at the Forks XV. This race has been a given on my calendar for years. I love it and usually take the early start. I will do that this year but only if Ron Slocum is not running it. If Ron is doing the race, I promised him last June at the end of the Vestal XX that I will run this with him. At that time I thought there would be two weeks between Forks and Asheville but I’ll manage.

The Half "improvements" with the addition of Peakwood
The Half “improvements” with the addition of Peakwood

My final race before my son’s wedding in May will be the half in Roanoke. The Blue Ridge Marathon, Half Marathon (yup, that will be what I am running), and Star 10K are some of my favorite races. I am hoping to have time, this trip, to get to the train museum while I am in Roanoke. Guess time will tell.

Now, I’m off to move some boxes around so I can workout in the house as, while it is warmer outside than over the weekend, I’m still cold from the sub-zero temps we experienced.

What are your upcoming race plans? Am I missing out on a great race somewhere? Let me know.


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