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Valentine’s Day and A Book Review

I know Sunday was Valentine’s Day. Back when I had six kids at home, I was always up for celebrating this holiday. I enjoyed picking out cards with the kids or making my own cards. I even bought cards and sent Valentines to the kids once they were in college. This year, though, I opted for no cards.

I woke Sunday morning to the lovely deep freeze the northeast was thrown into but with an added twist. The power had gone out at my house. My daughter figured it was some time after 2 am that the power must have gone out. The house was cold. No pipes were frozen but there was the cold and still no heat as there was no power.

A River Bend Wedding
A River Bend Wedding

I made coffee and crawled under an afghan that was a Christmas gift and opened a book. Nothing better than a wedding for Valentine’s Day. Reading A River Bend Wedding had me going back to 1988 and standing up for my friend Kathy as she married her best friend on Valentine’s Day.

Molly McLain has drawn me into the small town of River Bend. I’ve read the books in this series, along with the cross over that features both characters from River Bend and Hope Falls. I feel like I am catching up with old friends when I pull up a book from this series on my Kindle app.

Unfortunately – or fortunately for Ms. McLain as it is a good sign when an author can get a reader to feel emotions, I spent a portion of the book crying. Good tears! I swear! I am a cry-er in real life. I cry at Hallmark commercials. I cry during those reveal parts of Undercover Boss. I cry easily and weddings are definitely on the cry list. I cried during parts of this book as I felt like I was attending a friend’s wedding.

I recommend you pick up A River Bend Wedding. You will enjoy it as a standalone but I think you should get to know all of the people in River Bend and should get more than one of these books.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced reader copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

What did you do on Valentine’s Day?

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