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I know the holidays are not quite here yet but they are coming. With them generally comes less time to take care of yourself and I am no exception to this rule. To help motivate myself to get out there in cold weather and to keep my training going for January events, I’ve joined the 8th annual #HolidaySweat.


I will be tracking minutes of activity each week and the freggies – fruits and veggies – I eat. I will also be setting weekly goals on my minutes of activity and the number of freggie servings I will be eating.

Now, the second day in, I’m looking to make sure I get balance. Yesterday, I kicked off with 30 miles on the bike. I know there were more miles around the park where the race I was volunteering at took place and there was a lot of steps at the water station. I didn’t track those, just the to and from. Unfortunately, I did not eat a lot of freggies – only three servings. I have to do better.

My goal for minutes this week is 720. That may seem like a lot but I do think it is doable. I am starting to get more core and strength training into my schedule with Pilates every other day. I figure to do well in my weekend in January – 25 mile bike ride on Sat and half marathon on Sun – I need to ride at least 50 miles a week and get in some decent running, keeping my weekly mileage between 30 and 35. I’m getting off the computer right now and heading to get some in as I still have 568 to go after yesterday.

Have you joined #holidaysweat? How do you keep active during the holidays?

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