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Packing Again

I’m hitting the road again tomorrow. I am off to Roanoke, Virginia. I had never been to this area until last year at this time. I fell in love with the area. City life with mountains nearby. My trip to Asheville reminded me a lot of Roanoke.

Blue Ridge Marathon
Blue Ridge Marathon

So, Saturday morning, I will toe the start line at the half of the Blue Ridge Marathon. This year there is not only an unofficial double marathon (the 26.2 mile course is run twice, including the first time starting at about 2 am), the full marathon and the half but a brand new 10K. I ran the full marathon last year and am running the half this year.

Looking out over the Roanoke Valley
Looking out over the Roanoke Valley

Packing is almost getting to be second nature to me. I love the idea of writing down a list and crossing things off the list. I already know what I am wearing for the race. Now comes the fun part – an eight hour drive straight down I-81 and then fun in Roanoke.

Other than the races, I like being in Roanoke during Down by Downtown. Live music all over the place.

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