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A Revelation

For once, my weekend revelation has absolutely – well, I’m sure I could tie it in somehow but not going to – nothing to do with running. I was out of town this past weekend for a race. You can find the recap of the race tomorrow as I had this other ah-ha moment while I was out of town as I looked back on the weekend this morning.

I wrote last week about dipping my toe back into the online dating pool. Things, after the first week, were going good. I was getting more likes and potential out of a local area as opposed to the strange military guys that I think were all spam that I talked about last week.

Then, I went away for the weekend. A couple of people that I have met online have my phone number so we could text but I was not online all that much, at least not on the dating site. It really wasn’t until this morning that I had this revelation.

I need to give up the bad self talk. It’s like I get happy. I meet new people. And, then, I decide I don’t deserve these new people in my life and I do dumb things. I probably wouldn’t have even thought of this until I read Jessica’s Put a Gag on the Inner Critic. That blog post really allowed me to see more clearly that I was doing one of the big things I have cautioned others to not do.

One of my big statements when a friend says they are splitting with their significant other is to tell them to get used to being alone. Be happy with yourself before you try to be happy with someone else. I have found that I am very happy with myself. Now I need to slowly allow to be happy with others. I have a ton of friends and those are not the problems. It’s the other people in my life, the ones who could, given the right amount of time and attention, be more than friends.

So, I’m going to take the steps that Jessica mentioned in her post and reign in the diva that is causing me the issues and let it all go.


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