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Here I Go Again

Yup! Last week, or maybe the week before as it truly is a blur, I decided to dip my toe back into the online dating world. I’ve done this before with varying success. I tend to have a few problems that I am aware of so am trying to fight against my own prejudices as much as I can. When I say prejudices, I don’t mean race or religion. I mean I want a photo posted or it’s a no go. I’m not even going to read the profile. I am not having more kids so if someone says they might want kids, I steer clear.

Anyway, I spent two or three days on this online sight. Added photos to my profile. Answered as any of the strange questions theses places come up with for a person to answer. And now I have a few questions of my own.

How stupid do some people think other people really are? The first few nights I got the same story over and over again from multiple men all listing different towns but all with the same location. I was pissed. First off, they all swore they were in the military. I have nothing against people who serve their country. I do get pissed about people who try to impersonate someone who serves their country and, most likely, for their own advantage. Second, they all seemed to be retiring in the next few weeks or months. I realize that the US is about to downsize, or maybe it’s pull out of, forces in Afghanistan. I also realize that many branches of the military are at all time lows for enlistment so I am not seeing all these retirements. Third, at least try to be original. I got emails from three of them. In spots, they used the exact same words. Seriously?!?

Please wear clothing when meeting someone the first time. Pajama pants are not clothing, at least not that should be worn around someone you do not really know yet. Put some pants on unless you are 12. In that case, what’s your mother’s number so I can call her and tell her where you are?

I’m not giving up. I may tighten my reign on who I think I want to talk to. This is going to work.

4 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

  1. Pajama pants?? Seriously??? Oh my goodness. I tried online dating for a bit before I met Mr. Z. It was…ehm..interesting. I actually did meet some nice guys and also met a lot of weirdos. Good LUCK!!!

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