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On the Road Again

This is the first in a series of posts on my Ragnar experience this past weekend. I started and ended my trip with a bus trip, a yellow legal pad and a pen. This post was written on Thursday, September 26.

Special work goes into running a relay, especially a Ragnar Relay with 11 other women I barely know.

Last year a local group was going to get a team together for the inaugural RagnarADK. I missed the first meeting in November of 2011 as I was still out of the state spending quality time with my mother and stepdad in the desert southwest. I thought we were all good but things never seemed to gel and a team never game to fruition.

This year there was again little interest locally. When my friend – please realize Jen and I had yet to meet in real life – Jen posted on Facebook that her Albany-based team needed a runner, I jumped on the chance. My check was in the mail before I could second guess what I was doing. Plans were definite this year.

I had an ultimate plan to go to Albany for a Mother Runner party at the end of May. Many on the team were happy to arrange a team meeting at Professor Java’s prior to my heading to Fleet Feet to meet Sarah and Dimity. We went over details for legs and volunteers. We got to know each other – which basically meant I got to finally meet Jen and some of my other teammates.

A lot of other communications took place but I sadly missed all the other in person meetings. Someone else screen printed my shirts for me. I read the captain’s meeting notes online. Thankfully, we had – as a team – a Facebook group and a group email through Emaildodo.

I have to thank my teammates. I am really a rather anal planner. It is not like me to not be on top of things. I believe I’ve gotten everything done I need to do, though I may have been a bit slow in doing them.

Tomorrow –  a letter to my Ragnar teammates.

Have you ever run a relay race? How did you plan? Did your entire team live near each other?

4 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. My relay team was all local and several of us knew each other before the race. We still didn’t meet that often but everything turned out well. Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts!

  2. I ran the Seneca 7 this year. Actually I myself did not plan it was actually our team captain who planned and picked the legs. Pretty much most of us lived within the area. I think that our furthest member lived in Cortland.

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