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Dear Turtles

This is my second post in a series about my experience running Ragnar Relay Adirondacks.

Dear Turtles,

Herd O' Turtles Shirt Back
Herd O’ Turtles Shirt Back

Thank you! Running a Ragnar Relay has been something I have wanted to do for forever it seems. Truthfully, it has been two years that I have wanted to run a Ragnar. RagnarADK – for those who do not know ADK is short for Adirondacks –  topped my list once it was announced last year. I lived about 20 miles from Lake Placid for two and a half years and a homecoming to the area definitely pulled me to this Ragnar.

For those of you who do not know my story, I started running back in 2007. Both my parents were diagnosed with diabetes and had high blood pressure. I decided I was going to finally lose the baby weight – the baby is currently 19 – and outrun heredity. In the process I dropped 60 pounds but then put 10 back on with a three month injury last summer. I am not in my best shape, that might have been spring of 2012 when I ran two marathons in the month of May, but I am in much better shape than September of 2007.

I know I was not the fastest of us. I was off my pace most of the race. I think running this should have been its own training instead of in the middle of my Richmond Marathon training.

You women are all amazing! To get 12 women together and ride in two minivans for about 36 hours is no small feat. To do so as we all deal with life happening around us is even more of a feat.

Thank you for leaving your families for the weekend.

Thank you for running as hard as you can to get us all to the finish line.

Thank you for spending time training.

Thank you for finding sponsors to help us on our journey.

Thank you for opening your homes to me – Loretta had me stay over on Thursday night – and to us – Dayna hosted our pasta feed and van decorating on Thursday evening.

Thank you for showing everyone how strong women can be.

Thank you for welcoming all of us – I am presuming you did not all know each other – into the group.

Thank you for being you and making Turtles great!

Know that you are as strong as you need to be and can, with the help of friends conquer anything!


Turtle Nicki


2 thoughts on “Dear Turtles

  1. Thank you, Nicki, for giving it 200%!! Pace-schmace… you rocked every single one of those three runs and it was an honor for me to accept that slap bracelet from you!!!

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