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Running Analysis

Monday night I put on a running skirt and tech shirt and headed to a local PT office – Oakdale Physical Therapy & Fitness – for a functional running analysis sponsored by my local running club. This session was limited to 20 people and you had to be club members. I had no idea what to expect except that I would be required to run a bit.

Of the 19 of us that showed up for the session, anyone who wanted to be videotaped running on the treadmill could be. I believe all but two people were videotaped. One PT videoed the runner from the side, the front and the back. While people were being taped, the owner of the office gave us information regarding the Pose method of running. He also discussed dynamic warming up.

After everyone was done being taped, the three doctors of physical therapy analyzed each person.  First, we only ran for a minute or so. Second, these was a quick analysis. Third, some usage of a treadmill prior to the analysis would be a good idea.

This was a great opportunity for anyone who had never had their running checked out by anyone. I took a few things away from the analysis. I have toyed with getting a coach and now can definitely see what advantages to a coach would be.

Here is what this particular office offers.



Have you ever had your running form analyzed? What did you take away from the analysis? 

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