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Hydration Goal Update

Back in February, I wrote about a hydration goal. I find drinking enough – sometimes more than enough – water in warmer weather or in dryer climates easier. Winter has been a difficult time for me to stay hydrated.

Upstate NY has had summer weather the last few days of winter and first few days of spring. I am finding my water intake is suddenly increasing but I am still not drinking enough for my activity level. Part of the problem is that I am training for a marathon. Part of the problem is wanting something with a bit more taste in it.

Back to my first writing about hydration. I set a goal of drinking 70 ounces of water a day. This is not an unusual amount of water for me and probably not really enough, even in winter. I wanted to start somewhere, though. I tracked my water intake – these were approximations based on the size of my glass or my bottle – for five weeks. Bad news! I did not hit my goal any of those five weeks.

During the five weeks I wrote down how much water I was drinking, I had some weeks that were close to the goal but all weeks were under the goal. Looking back over the weather those weeks, the two weeks when I was more than a day shy of my goal – yes, a week where I drank closer to 400 ounces of water than 500 ounces – were the weeks that the weather was the coldest. The week that was closest to the goal amount of water was still 10 ounces shy and there was only one week that was that good.

On a daily basis, I had eight days out of 35 that were over the goal amount of hydration. Three days I hit my 70 ounce goal right on the head. There were, though, days when I was 30 ounces or more under my goal.

I need to improve this habit. I am doing better the last week as the weather has been “hot” for the time of year. We have had summer temperatures and I have had water always in my hands. I am, though, finding that I drink a lot in the morning and early afternoon. I always run with at least a 20 ounce water bottle with me. I am, though, lacking in drinking water after dinner.

Now that I have some area for improvement, I am going to start tracking my hydration on a daily basis on April 1st. This means I will track the month leading up to my May 6th Pittsburgh Marathon.

2 thoughts on “Hydration Goal Update

  1. One thing that has helped for me is for me to break the day down–say 2 16-oz bottles by noon, 2 more before dinner and maybe one more by bedtime. That way I can kind of gauge throughout the day if I’m running behind. I’m not always faithful with that, but it does help add some structure to getting it all in.

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