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Things I’m Loving

I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately and wanted share with y’all the things I am currently loving. VegaSport Endurance Gel I recently tried these in Orange Zest and loved it. While slightly more expensive, these did not bother my stomach at all. Julep.com Nail Colors I featured these lovelies in my Transition… Continue reading Things I’m Loving

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Hydration Goal Update

Back in February, I wrote about a hydration goal. I find drinking enough – sometimes more than enough – water in warmer weather or in dryer climates easier. Winter has been a difficult time for me to stay hydrated. Upstate NY has had summer weather the last few days of winter and first few days… Continue reading Hydration Goal Update

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It’s Hot … What are you drinking?

I know that sounds like a really stupid title but it has been extremely hot, and in most parts of the country also humid, the past few days. And, even if it is not humid, when you hit 100 plus Fahrenheit, it is hot. Your body needs fluid replacement. I am not talking athletic fluid… Continue reading It’s Hot … What are you drinking?