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It’s Hot … What are you drinking?

I know that sounds like a really stupid title but it has been extremely hot, and in most parts of the country also humid, the past few days. And, even if it is not humid, when you hit 100 plus Fahrenheit, it is hot. Your body needs fluid replacement. I am not talking athletic fluid replacement. I am talking those of us who work, walk, talk and live in the heat and weather.

So, what is your drink of choice in the heat?

I am a huge water drinker. I have paid particular attention to the news recently – cities talking about banning bottled water, new fruit-flavored filters for tap water. My well is good but the water is not to my liking or my children’s liking for drinking straight up. I do buy bottled water. I buy both individual bottles and gallon jugs.

My water of choice is flavored with fresh lime or lemon. These are more expensive this summer than water but still taste great!

So what about you?

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