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Race Hydration

Hydration has been a huge issue for me this winter. Thankfully, spring is here in Upstate NY and the winter weather is making a return. I want to discuss hydration during races. I use to always think it was the responsibility of the race organization to be sure there was enough hydration along a race… Continue reading Race Hydration

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Hydration Goal Update

Back in February, I wrote about a hydration goal. I find drinking enough – sometimes more than enough – water in warmer weather or in dryer climates easier. Winter has been a difficult time for me to stay hydrated. Upstate NY has had summer weather the last few days of winter and first few days… Continue reading Hydration Goal Update

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Coconut Water – Product Review

Okay, so not just any coconut water.  I want to tell you a bit about Vita Coco Coconut Water.  You are probably thinking I have lost my marbles.  I have to tell you when I first read about coconut water on Runner Dude’s blog, I hesitated.  I don’t like coconut.  I don’t like it shredded… Continue reading Coconut Water – Product Review

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I know that hydration is extremely important to casual athletes, serious athletes, the young, the old.  Our bodies need water to help with the processes of daily life.  In the heat and humidity that signify summer in upstate NY, we may need water more than just when we are exercising.  Training people, and it is… Continue reading Hydration