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Comfort Zone

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone – way out of it.

I follow the Pittsburgh Marathon on Twitter. I am planning, as soon as I have the money, on registering for the marathon on May 6th. I am hoping they do not sell out before then. So today I applied to be a pacer.

I have run two marathons. I have not hit my goal on either one. I have, though, come extremely close to my goal for each of them. Both had weather issues that affected my run but are not the reason I did not hit my goals. I am the reason.

I have learned a lot since the last marathon in October. I have picked up my pace. I am training better than I remember from my first three attempts at marathon training (the first attempt saw me training but getting closed out of running due to not registering in time). I love to encourage others to meet their goals. I am a fairly outgoing person. In my mind, I am who I would want leading my pace group.

I did not sign up for any great race pace. I applied to pace the 5:30 group. If I ran Pittsburgh in 5:30, it would be a PR but one that I am anticipating. I actually would like to finish closer to or under 5 hours but am willing to run this race at a 5:30 pace. The average pace would be a 12:30 mile. That is not my pace currently but I could run at that pace. I am faster than that.

I have not run the course that is the Pittsburgh Marathon but I have run in Pittsburgh previously.

Guess I wait now. If I get the cash I am hoping for, I will register. I can always get a refund if I am chosen as a pace.

4 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. Thanks, you two. I know another who applied for the same pace group I did and we both think it would be great fun if they took us both. 🙂

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