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Mr. Gingrich

What makes Newt Gingrich electable? While Mr. Gingrich is known, and has proven that he still is, as a great debater, being able to deflect rhetoric and talk in a controlled environment does not indicate someone who is able to govern a country. Gingrich would respond with the fact that he did govern when he was in Congress. I will not deny that but also know that one of the most charismatic presidents in recent history was in the White House at the same time, meaning that governing was not all on the House.

In South Carolina, only one state I know, Mr. Gingrich took an overwhelming victory in the GOP primary. Surprisingly, he won over almost all different categories of voters, including evangelicals. These would be Christians. Yet, Gingrich has been married three times and divorced twice. He has admitted to having an extra-marital affair with Mrs. Gingrich Number 3 while still being married to Mrs. Gingrich Number 2. This is adultery and not something most Christians believe in or tolerate. I do believe Mr. Gingrich when he says he has sought forgiveness on the wrongs he has done. I do believe in second chances. I do believe in private matters – politician or not. I also believe that some private matters shed light on character.

My guess is that a lot of voters believe that a debate will decide who wins the White House in November. Since no one party holds a majority of the voters or voters do not always vote along party lines, both President Obama and the GOP nominee – whomever that may be – need to be able to appeal to the independents and to the other party. I am a Christian, though not an evangelical. I am a woman. I have followed politics since I was 12. I am registered in a political party – meaning I am not an independent – though I have only twice, since I have been able to vote for president, voted for a nominee of one of the two major parties.

What do all of these statements mean? One, both Obama and the Republican nominee had best hope that a viable third party candidate does not appear. Two, whoever wins will have to have more than a good debate. Three, the ability to appeal to both independents and those who are not in “your” party will play the most decisive part in who will win come November.

Do you follow politics? Do you only follow once it is a general election? Do you vote on party lines?

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