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On Sunday, January 22, Bob Schieffer did a commentary on definitions during his 30 minute Face the Nation program. Earlier in the program, he spoke at length with South Carolina primary winner Newt Gingrich. The commentary did not reflect on Speaker Gingrich but was about politics.

Schieffer discussed the labels used in politics: moderate, liberal, conservative. I sat laughing as I readied to go for a run. Schieffer pointed out that moderate, by definition, may actually be what the nation needs or is really looking for in a president. Conservative, despite many who are called that using the word moderate as a derogative term, is defined as moderate in point of view.

What one word is used in both politics and health care, yet with extremely different meanings? Moderate or moderation. Do we not want to eat those rich foods in moderation? Yet, it seems we do not want – according to the recent name calling during the GOP primary process – a presidential nominee that is moderate in point of view.

If a candidate can communicate a moderate point of view on most issues, my guess is that will appeal to more people that a democratic or republican point of view on issues.


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