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Yup!  I have them at the moment.  It is Wednesday morning – though you all won’t see this until Saturday by which time I should have a full blown case  of nerves.

Back near the end of February and beginning of March, I started getting nervous.  I had made this huge goal – a race a month – and I had registered for a half marathon.  I had never run more than a 5K before and only two of those.  I was worried about a lot of things with that half marathon but the one thing that did not even cross my mind was how many other people were running with me.  I knew I was taking the early start.  It was, after all, my first half.  I knew that the race was not bad compared to where I train.  The race director’s sister is a friend of mine.  My first 5K had about a thousand people running it so I was set for a half marathon that had a start at one time for walkers, an hour later for early start and a half hour after that for the regular half marathon.

Now, I set here getting ready to run my first really big race.  The Mountain Goat in Syracuse in May was a big race.  It had somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 runners in the 10 mile race.  I didn’t really think of the numbers at that race either.  I met up with  my cousin before hand and he was with a group of colleagues.  I was put at ease by them.  They were all younger than I am by about 15 years but they didn’t mind my hanging pre and post race with them.

This weekend, actually Sunday, July 11th – while my family is most likely arguing over how the Tour de France stage went, the first big Alps stage, and watching the World Cup Soccer Championship – I will be running the Boilermaker 15K.  This race is huge.  The information on the web site said they were cutting off entrants at 11,000.  I have a friend who has run it before and I believe he told me that last year it took him between eight and ten minutes to reach the start line.  So my nerves have started!!

I am cautiously watching extended forecasts.  We are, of course, in the middle of our first big heatwave – record-breaking temps throughout the area – so last minute training is draining.  I am checking the local newspaper’s web site for the city the race is in on a daily basis.  I am also traveling so am thinking packing and what needs to be taken.

Just so you don’t think I only obsess over running, I am also, as I sit typing this, nine and a half hours  away from my first official board meeting.  Oh the nerves!!

14 thoughts on “Nerves

    1. Thanks, Bec! I think knowing people that I know are wondering how I did makes it easier. Evidently, the race is lined with spectators – another thing that makes me a bit queasy.

    1. Thanks, Corinne. All plans are made – with a small exception that has to be ironed out – and I am not even at home now. Looks like it might even be a bit cooler for the race since we got slammed with storms and rain last night.

  1. Ooh!!! You can do it!! I actually like the bigger races. More anonymity. (my first 10k was 30,000 and I was passed by darth vader. that was a little demoralizing actually. But overall it was awesome!)

    1. That is funny, Alex! I don’t anticipate any costumed runners in the heat and humidity we have been having. Probably will see more with less on then less with more on. 🙂

  2. The weather looks good Nicki – although less humidity would be better. The online forecast from The Weather Channel lists 67 degrees at 8 am with humidity at 81%.

    I do hope to see you tomorrow – although not ever having met before it might be like finding a needle in a haystack! Best of wishes to you – and let’s both just have fun!

    1. Well, the only distinguishing thing I will have on – and not sure if I will keep it on or not after the race – is a pink Niagara visor. Probably would be easier to meet up at Viva some afternoon/evening when I am in town.

    1. You were right, Molly. The minute I finally got to the start line, the nerves all disappeared. 🙂

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