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Friday Fun – Retake!

So I posted some photos from a Happy Hour at Chapter House in Ithaca a couple weeks ago.  Now summer has hit in earnest here in the Northeast, I wanted sunshine and outside for happy hour.  Did I find it?  You bet!  Didn’t even really have to go looking as I knew where I was headed.  I loaded my daughter in the car as it was her last weekend in town before a summer working at a day camp.  I headed north west and we landed at Viva in Ithaca.

Since I am traveling this weekend – my first BIG race (read that as more entrants than I really want to think about – around 10,000) – I will leave you with this look at what a Friday should be when it is sunny and hot!

Margarita, Chips, Salsa and Guacamole

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Retake!

  1. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. You KNOW I’m allllll about the chips and salsa and guac and CHEESE and, more importantly, the MARGARITAS, baby.

    Good luck in the race. Run run run run run run run RUN.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Won’t be having all that today but will be celebrating at the Saranac Brewery – end of race location – come Sunday!

    1. Sun here has been hot,humid and hazy! You would think Upstate NY was the Central Valley. LOL!

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