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Spartan Theatre Company Presents …

… or actually presented Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town.”  My son has gone from loving being on the stage crew to loving being in the spotlight.  This is a good thing for the Spartan Theatre Company as there is a true shortage of male actors, just as there are shortages of male voices in choruses.

The performance of “Our Town” was absolutely amazing.  I would have strongly recommended the shows to anyone at all.  The kids did a great job on all the parts.  The parents that help with scenery did a fantastic job with the minimal scenes and with the final scene that is actually a kitchen.  The costumes were great.  Below are some shots from either Friday or Saturday nights’ performances as I was on the road to Boston during Sunday’s matinee.  Included in the photos are shots from the school district wide art and literature contest based on the the theme “Our Town.”

9 thoughts on “Spartan Theatre Company Presents …

  1. I agree NIcki, it really was a tremendous performance. Best HS performance of Our Town I have ever seen.
    Glad Dan is part of the Spartan Theater League!

    1. Thanks, Hollie! I loved the performance and have seen it many times so am happy it was so well done.

  2. Way to go!! My performing teenager and I just saw Our Town at our local theater last Friday! It is a good play!
    It sounds like Dan has been bitten by the acting bug! Watch out mama, it can get busy!
    Thanks for stopping by our table!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Kristin! You can bet I will be back to visit you. Dan definitely has caught the bug. Good thing he is the youngest and basically an only child right now.

    1. Maureen – it is a great show. It is also difficult to grasp, sometimes, for younger kids – lack of props, scenery,etc. These kids did fantastic.

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