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Earth Day Redux

I sent a series of small tips, thought-provoking items through Twitter on Earth Day last Thursday.  So now, I want to list these all here in case you do not follow me on Twitter.

Eat as locally as you can.  Better for you and better for our environment.  You can read more about my thoughts on eating locally in my guest post at The Kitchen Witch.

Do you compost? http://www.howtocompost.org http://www.composting101.com/

Candlelight is mood setting and energy saving. Eat dinner by candlelight once a week.

Make sure you are using the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle!

Consider a clothesline as opposed to a dryer: less energy used and less wear and tear on clothing.

It doesn’t take much energy for you to walk back into that room you just left and turn the lights out.

Is it really easier to keep that charger plugged in without the laptop/cell phone/fill in the blank charging?

What does it cost you to walk to the grocery store (if possible) rather than drive?

If you put a cup under the faucet, how much water do you use to brush your teeth?  Wash your face?

7 thoughts on “Earth Day Redux

  1. Thanks for putting your tweets into a list! Love it! Great tips that I am going to share with my tribe! TY

  2. Nicki, this is a post true to my heart. We have a veggie garden; we love our farmers’ markets; we use a clothesline exclusively 8 months of the year; we compost; the kids ALWAYS are requesting candlelight dinners; my oldest chants the three Rs regularly. I didn’t always live this way, but it was easier to make these changes than I thought it might be. Now so many of them are just givens. Thanks for spreading the good Earth-y word!

    1. I was just playing in the compost last evening, Jen. I know…yuck! The first mow of the year is always so long that I can’t leave all those piles of clippings on the grass. It would kill what is underneath. I had to compost some of it.

  3. it might take me a day or so to walk to the grocery store, but i can do candles. i’m a sierra club member also – rock on! maybe see you tomorrow at chappy

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